Dante Domain Manager™

Dante Domain Manager is network management software that enables user authentication, role-based security and audit capabilities for Dante networks, while allowing seamless expansion of Dante systems over any network infrastructure. Dante Domain Manager brings IT best practices to AV, making audio networking more secure, more scalable and more controllable than ever before..

― Dante Domain Manager is a complete management solution for Dante systems.

Dante Domain Manager makes audio networking more secure, more scalable and more manageable than ever before. With Dante Domain Manager, integrators can define specific AV device groupings, by room, building and site, allowing for the creation of independent Dante Domains, and enabling a single domain to encompass multiple network subnets.

Dante Domain Manager provides robust security for IT departments and AV managers, including user authentication and encrypted control, role administration and integration with Active Directory / LDAP. System managers gain complete visibility and accountability with a suite of dashboards, audit trails, alerts and SNMP support.Dante Domain Manager is a virtualized application that runs on desktop and server platforms, with an intuitive and highly responsive web interface for desktop and tablet browsers.

― Security and Control

For organizations that demand tight network security, Dante Domain Manager provides granular control over user access, secure web-based administration, and support for user authentication via Active Directory. User roles and domain-level permissions allow total control over who can and can’t access your Dante network, with out-ofthe-box support for system administrators, domain administrators, device operators and view-only ‘guests’. All user events are logged in real time. Users can be assigned different roles for each domain, and can be assigned default roles to simplify domain administration.

― Flexibility and Scalability

Dante Domain Manager enables the implementation of unified, synchronously-clocked Dante networks in routed IP environments. This means that large and/or complex network topologies such as those found in schools and universities, commercial and corporate environments, transport hubs and leisure facilities can be seamlessly connected as one single AV system, with low-latency, software-controlled audio connectivity across the entire site.Routed and standalone networks can also be logically subdivided into domains with independent access and administration. Dante Domain Manager introduces unprecedented networking power to simplify an increasingly complex IT world.

― Visibility and Accountability

The Dante Domain Manager dashboard is a dynamic real-time display of a range of system status and performance metrics, including security and device alerts, domain status, service status and host server performance. Each user can fully configure the layout and contents of their own personal dashboard to suit their specific monitoring requirements. A dedicated Audit Log provides a time-stamped list of all user-related activities, enabling detailed event monitoring and auditing. Events can be searched for text content, with additional filters for event type, date / time range, and user.

― Multiple Licensing Options

Dante Domain Manager is available in three editions: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

― Silver

The Silver edition includes user authentication and control, domain creation and management, device administration, cross-subnet audio routing, user-defined dashboards, role administration, system, user and device alerts, HTTPS, and a detailed and fully searchable audit log. The Silver edition supports a maximum of 2 domains and 10 audio devices, making it ideal for smaller installations such as houses of worship and schools.

― Gold

The Gold edition includes all the Silver features, plus enhanced event and alert filtering and LDAP / Active Directory integration, and supports a maximum of 10 domains and 50 devices, making it suitable for installations such as mid-sized business environments which require management of conference rooms and public spaces.

― Platinum *

The Platinum edition includes all the Silver features, plus SNMP support and a fully-redundant high availability feature for mission-critical systems. The Platinum edition supports up to 50 domains and up to 250 devices, enabling comprehensive control over larger systems such as campus-wide installations with many rooms, users and devices spread over a wide area.

Dante Domain Manager System Layout


Dante Domain Manager Interface


PC connected to Ethernet switch using dante AVIO



Feature Matrix


Feature Silver Gold Platinum
Create and manage domains
Configure domains across subnets
Dashboards and alerts
Detailed audit Log
Automatic discovery of Dante devices
Responsive browser interface
User definition and role management
Virtual server support
System backup and restore
Secure, encrypted control traffic
Route audio between Dante domains
Enhanced event and alert filtering
LDAP and Active Directory integration
High Availability redundancy
SNMP alerts


Domain and Device Support Silver Gold Platinum
Domains supported 2 10 50
Devices supported 10 50 250





> Powerful User Administration: User roles and Active Directory / LDAP support enables secure authentication and comprehensive control over user access.

> Routed Network Support: Create AV device groupings that fit your operational requirements, regardless of network infrastructure.

> Searchable Audit Log: A fully searchable, timestamped audit log enables detailed event auditing and reporting.

> Configurable Dynamic Dashboard: Intuitive, graphical dashboard widgets provide real-time visibility of various system health and status metrics, including clocking and subscription status, service status and configuration change alerts.

> Secure Encrypted Administration and Device Configuration: HTTPS support and encrypted control traffic ensures fully secure communication between the DDM server, the DDM web interface and the Dante network.

> Responsive web-based UI: Access Dante Domain Manager from any desktop or tablet web browser.

> Remote Monitoring: SNMP support provides system visibility from anywhere at any time.

> Automatic Discovery: Dante Domain Manager supports device / server discovery across both routed and standalone networks.

> Configurable Clocking: If required, you can specify which of your Dante devices will act as subnet clock masters – or just let Dante Domain Manager handle everything for you.

> Push Updates: When a new version of Dante Domain Manager is available, the dashboard will automatically notify you, and you can install the update directly from the UI.

> Backup and Restore: Your Dante Domain Manager configuration can be saved locally and restored as a new installation.



Dante Domain Manager Product Introduction

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